Invitation to Teachers and Supervisors

The FTSJS curriculum includes core required social work courses, social work electives, a strong foundation in the English language, and electives in other areas of social science with a focus on social justice. Teaching is done by volunteer faculty in three ways: onsite in Haiti; in real-time at a distance; and through online learning. Field placement and final project supervisors are also needed, and the format will vary. We welcome applications from individuals with masters or doctorate degrees interested in teaching. We can help you to shape your curriculum to meet required courses and/or to develop electives that will be relevant and engaging for our students.  

Courses are generally three credits and involve 45 hours of classroom instruction.  This can be done in an intensive format teaching for two weeks, five hours a day, or three weeks, three hours a day.  Alternatively, teachers can develop a format that involves a shorter time on campus and two/three weekly classes taught at a distance.


We are developing an intensive English language program and welcome native speakers with training in TOEFL who can commit significant time on campus and/or with distance teaching. 

As with the Episcopal University, our academic year generally runs from October through June, with a short summer session.  Because of the months of “lockdown” in the country this fall, the academic year will run from February through September, 2020.


Room and board are available on the campus for a modest fee that depends on how long you will be at the school.  A staff member will meet you at the airport and accompany you back.  Transportation to and from the airport is generally $40 each way. 

If you are interested in teaching/supervising, please contact Dean Phelps at with a letter of introduction and a resume.  We will then arrange an interview using Zoom and explore what you would like to teach, “goodness of fit,” schedule possibilities, etc.