Learn Haitian Creole

Are you interested in learning Haitian Creole or in improving your Creole language skills?

FTSJS hosts a language program for international students, researchers and NGO practitioners. Geared towards those who plan to use Haitian Creole as a primary method of communication, this intensive program prepares its students to study, research, work and/or live in Creole-speaking communities. 

Courses are taught by native speakers of Creole who are also fluent in English. The program caters to those who want to increase their level of fluency quickly and enjoyably. Classes run Monday-Friday from 9am – 4pm. Classes are taught workshop-style and breakout sessions are organized for those learning specialized vocabulary (e.g., educators, lawyers and human rights workers, medical professionals, etc.). Participants are grouped by level from absolute beginner to advanced collegiate levels. Those with no Haitian Creole language background are assigned a personal tutor if needed.

Language instruction is mixed with “cultural conversations” and instruction in practical matters such as how to negotiate at the market.  Students are able to practice through talking with students and staff at dinner each night. Field trips are generally scheduled once per week to guide students in getting to know Haiti.

Length of stay for the Creole Program is by individual arrangement.   We do our best to accomodate the needs of participants.  All fees are charged by the week, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.

For more detail– including fees — follow this link to our Google site: