The Only School for Social Work in Haiti

Faculté de Travail Social et de Justice Sociale (FTSJS) — College of Social Work and Social Justice — is an accredited undergraduate school for  social work located in Bon Repos, Haiti.  Affiliated with the Université Episcopale d’Haiti (UNEPH), the school benefits from UNEPH’s long tradition of high academic standards but operates as an independent non-profit academic institution. The need for social services in Haiti is tremendous; and FTSJS trains young, talented Haitians with the knowledge and skills to be effective in this work. FTSJS shares a campus with the renowned international peace and justice building organization, Vivario.

The campus is also the home of the Creole Language Institute. The institute offers both immersive  training in the Creole language and field trips that introduce participants to various aspects of Haitian culture.